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Habitat Project - The Habitat Project is an effort by Audubon Great Lakes, Chicago Wilderness, and a network of thousands of volunteers and staff who work side by side to assure the holistic and effective conservation of Chicago Wilderness, a regional nature reserve.


Chicago Bird Collision Monitors - The Chicago Bird Collision Monitors work to rescue migratory birds injured from striking buildings, and to mitigate the risk of bird-building collisions by educating the public and working with building managers and architects to find solutions.


Chicago Wilderness - The Chicago Wilderness coalition is an unprecedented alliance of more than 170 public and private organizations working together to protect, restore, study and manage the precious natural ecosystems of the Chicago region for the benefit of the public.


Chicagoland Environmental Network - The Chicagoland Environmental Network is a resource site to more than 300 environmental and natural resource organizations in the Chicago Area.


The Nature Conservancy - Working to preserve the plants, animals and natural communities thatrepresent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive.


American Bird Conservancy - The American Bird Conservancy (ABC) is a nationwide organization that conserves native birds and their habitats throughout the Americas.


Illinois Audubon Society - The purpose of the SocietyNorthern Parula by Jerry Kumery is to promote the perpetuation and appreciation of native flora and fauna of Illinois and the habitats that support them.


Illinois Ornithological Society - The Illinois Ornithological Society promotes birding through scientific research, education, record keeping, checklists, & Meadowlark, A Journal of Illinois Birds.


"Lights Out" Program - The "Lights Out" Program is a cooperative effort between the City of Chicago, The Building Owners and Managers Association of Chicago, and the Field Museum to dim building lights to save birds' lives.


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