Publications & Research

These papers and publications provide information and recommendations for conservation and land management practices in the Chicago Wilderness region that are beneficial to birds & their habitats.


Restoring Large Prairies in the Chicago Region - Proven & Promising Techniques

This extensive paper can help land managers evaluate and improve potential grassland sites using proven and promising techniques that have been highly successful in Chicagoland area grasslands. The resulting sites contain high quality ecosystems (PDF)

Minimizing the Impact of Wind Turbines on Lake Michigan's Wildlife

This paper outlines recommendations based on recent research about wind turbines and their possible effects on Lake Michigan wildlife. Compiled by BCN and the Evanston North Shore Bird Club. (PDF)

BCN Position Paper on Free-Roaming Cats

Read about BCN's position on free-roaming cats, trap, neuter and release/return programs and the impacts of cats on birds and human health.


Window Collisions: The Deadliest Hazard for Birds

Learn more about the hazards that windows can present to birds, the elements that create the problem, and what you can do to prevent bird collisions in the future.


The Lake Michigan Flyway: Chicagoland's Role in the Miracle of Bird Migration

The phenomenon of bird migration along Lake Michigan and the many habitat enhancements public and private landowners can do to make the Lake Michigan shoreline a safer, more productive route for migrating birds.

Migrant Bird Habitat Study: Tree Species Pref. of Foraging Migrant Birds

The results of a three year study aimed at identifying Chicago region tree species that are used most by foraging migrant birds in spring and recommendations for improving habitat for migrants. Written by Audubon-Chicago Region and the Field Museum in Sep. 2004 (PDF)

Conserving Local Habitat for Declining Grassland Birds

This paper outlines concerns that habitat in area forest preserves is steadily decreasing for grassland birds and recommends actions needed to provide adequate habitat for them.


What Red-headed Woodpeckers Really Want

Reasons why Red-headed Woodpeckers have declined and basic management techniques that can be used to attract these birds back to the area. Originally published in "Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine", Aug. 2005. (PDF)

Data and Findings from the Red-headed Woodpecker Blitzes of 2012-2013

This report presents results from the Red-headed Woodpecker Blitzes conducted by BCN in 2012 and 2013. In addition to presenting data on confirmed breeding locations, this report also outlines initial findings regarding habitat preference of Red-headed Woodpeckers.

Deer Culling: A Critical Tool for Conserving Local Habitat Diversity

Concerns for habitat within forest preserves and other natural areas in our region that are being adversely affected by widespread overpopulation of white-tailed deer and recommendations for ongoing proactive efforts to reduce their numbers. Compiled by BCN, Nov. 2007. (PDF)

If you want additional information or have questions regarding any of the topics above or other issues, feel free to contact us. Also, check out the BCN Contact List for contacts regarding specific bird issues.

Working Together for Birds and Habitats

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Birds of Concern List

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